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– Calculates and shows current weather, from USA, in a very detailed way
– Powerful and intuitive design
– Weather forecast in the next 3 days, and the current day
– Very intuitive interface
– Very powerful and useful for those who are not used to computers
– Includes locations, forecast for locations, current information, weather alert, river gauge, satellite maps and rainfall maps
– Users can also set the minimum and maximum temperatures
– Weather tips are easily accessible and informative
– Ability to customize the time display
– Show/hide all tooltips
– Ability to show tooltips
– Many other features

WeatherBug is an application that displays local weather on your Windows screen. The application has a very nice interface and it is a full screen application so that you can see all the information simultaneously. The application is very easy to use, just press the “Weather” button on your keyboard and you will be taken to the application’s main page where the location you chose in the previous page will be displayed. The application is very accurate in giving the forecast, but it can be improved by giving the user the option to change the slider from Fahrenheit to Celsius or vice versa.
In addition to that, the application can display satellite pictures and current temperature and humidity. It is also possible to set the minimum and maximum temperatures, as well as the Wind Chill. It is possible to use the application in three different ways, as a barometer, a temperature and humidity monitor or as a combination. The barometer mode is very simple, all you have to do is choose the mode (Barometer, Temperature and Humidity or Barometer and Temperature), type the zip code and press the “Start Monitoring” button.
Once the application starts monitoring, you will be taken to the next page, where you will be able to see the current temperature and humidity, as well as the wind speed and direction. The application will give you a recommendation as to how you can protect yourself in cold weather, in order to avoid any health problems.
The “Temperature and Humidity Monitor” mode is a bit more detailed, as it shows the current temperature and humidity in Fahrenheit. The only drawback is that it cannot give the Wind Chill, which is a very important factor in the cold weather forecast.
The “Barometer and Temperature Monitor” mode is the most complex mode, as it displays current barometric pressure, along with the current temperature and humidity, the wind speed and direction 70238732e0

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Run this application,it will monitor the connection speed of your modem.
How to download & use:
1.Click and run the application,the monitor icon appear.
2.Click the red circle to show the connection data.
3.Copy the log file and paste it into your Wordpad or any other Microsoft Word Text Editor for you to read the log file.
4.Save the log file for future use.
5.Save your connection data in your E-mail or any other text file.
Why to use:
This program will help you to understand the modem speed of dial up.

Created by gebre gebre agbabelse (For my “hobby” Please dont copy this software.

This is a utility that checks for disk fragmentation and reports the percent of fragmentation for the drive. It was written by Bob Price.

Chillout3D – Relax

The Chillout3D application is a 3D view to relax your mind. It can be considered as a virtual cure for stress.
It will allow you to:
– Spin a 3D glass that is moving with your mouse.
– Spin a glass with many colors.
– Chillout 3D will automatically shut down when you close the window.
You will enjoy this easy and relaxing application!

Chillout3D is a free application that comes with a full 1-year license.

A program that is used to create text messages on your computer, This application is to help in creating data files or text messages for your mobile devices.

The application is designed to make a simple but effective use. You can use this tool to create text files on your mobile phone. You can add one or more of these texts files to your phone’s memory.

All you need to create a text message or a data file is to open the file using the open dialog. You can save the file by choosing a file name or by pressing a button.

You can check the amount of space that you have by choosing the “File” tab on the main menu.

After you created the file you can close the window or save it by choosing the “Save” button or by pressing a button.

By default, the application will open a file with the extension “txt”. You can change this extension by clicking the file browser button on the main menu.

After you created your first text file, you can change its size


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