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It has a flat interface and comes with a very user friendly user manual.
Key features:
– Customize different types of shape transitions in real time
– Real-time graphics support
– Screen saver display
– Universal Plug-in
– Win95/98/NT/2000/XP/Vista/2008 compatible
– Change color scheme

// Release 2002
Optical Steppers now support the following 3 axis servos:
* Thorlabs AEEC- 0259d3422e

For example… You’ve got a 40db dynamic range in an input buss, where every sample is in the -6db to +6db range, or perhaps variable. You also have another dynamic range from a variable magnitude input stage. Off the shelf, you’d render the first bus to 4-speakers for a club setup, the other bus to a through to a large mix channel for busing and mastering.
You then may want the two busses to go

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