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Even if you have never programmed before, you can install 3Impact on your system and compile a mini-game in minutes!
3Impact is not only a great game engine. It is also an amazing tool to learn game programming, step-by-step!
3Impact engine can interactively play your own 3D models as bodies in a space that obeys physics laws. And you can model any scenery by using your favorite modeler and directly use it in your games as a solid environment.
Dungeons, race-tracks, entire planets, anything can be rendered as a collision-capable body. Learn, step-by-step, how to bring your 3D objects to life!
A couple of lines of code will enable accurate and hardware-rendered volumetric shadows for your 3D models.
What makes 3Impact Game Engine unique?
Integrated system.
It’s not a physics engine. It’s not a rendering engine. And it’s not a network game engine either. It is all these things together! We have already smoothly blended all the systems together for you!
An incomparable, crystal clear interface that you can access by using your favorite language. The officially supported platform is C++. The following platforms are also supported by individual community members or groups: .NET languages (C#, VB.net etc), Dev-C++, Delphi, Framework Pascal, BlitzMax.
Rock-solid collision detection. You can’t find anywhere else such a stable collision detection algorithm. Just put your 3d objects into your 3d scenery and let the engine deal with per-polygon collision detection and response for you!
No engine-specific world editor. You don’t need it! Design/compose your worlds with your favorite 3d modeler and render them in your games.
Network-synchronized simulation. Your simulations can run, in synchrony, on multiple LAN or Internet connected computers. They can be remotely controlled real-time. Unique algorithm! Tailored to 3Impact dynamics system!
Here are some key features of “3Impact Game Engine”:
· Available both as a standard Windows .DLL (powerful, flexible) and as an .EXE file (intuitive mod-coding style).
· Almost all programming languages supported (DLL version only).
· Powerful and crystal clear set of API functions for maximum productivity.
· Flexibility! Use high level functions that do the hard work behind the scenes, or use low level functions to manage the engine down to vertex buffer manipulation, mesh-specific rendering mode, etc.
· Integrated rendering, physics and network engines.
· No need of engine-specific world editor, just use your favorite 3d modeler!
3D Rendering
· Programmable visual effects (HLSL-based, .fx/.fxo shaders).
· Built-in, per pixel lighting, bump-mapping, bumped environment mapping.
· Hardware rendered dynamic volumetric shadows (fast!).
· Hardware rendered trail and particle systems (fast!), with programmable gravity, air-resistance, ‘melting’ and ‘burnout’ effects.
· Dynamic sun-like and local colored lights.
· DirectX skeletal animation (play/stop/reverse/speed-control), per-bone dynamic control, ragdoll physics, vertex animation (water surfaces, etc), mesh morphing, texture animation!
· Retrieve each single bone’s 3d location, runtime (e.g. attach a gun to an arm)!
· Built-in chasing cameras, multiple simultaneous viewpoints, split-screen, custom sized viewports.
· Classic and dynamic reflection mapping, true mirror surfaces.
· Real-time rendering of refractive solids (crystal, tinted glass, water, etc).
· Alpha texture mapping, all available blend methods, advanced management of transparency sorting.
2D Rendering
· Print functions performing fast text rendering and animation. Fully customizable graphics font sets!
· Animated 2d objects can be any shape, as small as a single pixel (per pixel animation) or many times bigger than the screen (scrolling, old-style 2d shoot’em up games, etc). They can be scaled, stretched, rotated.
· Fully programmable sprite transparency and master-color (fading, flashing, etc).
· Full-screen and windowed rendering of standard Windows dialogs (default message boxes and custom dialogs with custom controls).
· Built-in synchronized-simulation system, providing straightforward methods to keep synched several simulations running on different connected computers.
· DirectPlay’s client/server based networking supporting LAN and Internet connections.
· Virtually unlimited number of players. You decide the amount of data to synchronize or share, thus allowing for extreme optimization and massive multiplayer games.
Collision detection and physics
· Built-in, rock solid physics, accurate collision detection and response.
· Ultra-fast ray collision checking (line of sight testing, obstacle detection, etc).
· Hi-level functions allowing for easy setup of wheeled vehicles with working suspensions (ultra-realistic car dynamics, accurate driving simulations, etc).
· Classic and breakable joints, rotational stops, angular motors, soft constraints, springs.
Sounds / Music
· Dynamic 3d sound sources providing easy integration with physics simulation.
· Global (position-independent) stereo and mono sounds/music.
· Support for .wav and .ogg formats.
· Dynamic start/stop/pause/resume control.
· Fully hardware processed playing and mixing (while sound card chip works, main CPU is free for other tasks!).
· Complete (compile and go) examples provided with fully commented source code.
· Extensive programmer reference covering all available API functions.
· Detailed step-by-step tutorials.
· Prompt technical support (e-mail).
· Responsive community (online forum).
· Resource loading from both file and memory (for advanced database manipulation, data encryption, etc).
· Powerful math and 3d transformation functions.
· Complete and straightforward support for keyboard, mouse, joystick, gamepads, steering wheels and other input devices.
· Specific functions to dynamically control/retrieve core engine behavior/stats (frame rate, display mode, global rendering settings, etc).
· Specific functions to manage simulation recording/replay, game state save/load, etc.
· Specific functions to save rendered frames as image sequences, to build .avi/.mpeg clips of the simulation.
· The latest DirectX version.
· The demo showcases the capabilites of 3Impact Game Engine but has no other practical functionality.

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Try it on your PC – you will never want to go back to an ordinary client-based email program!
Only at nfs1.nethosting.com!
MailChecker For Windows 10 Crack is a new and unique tool for accessing various mailboxes by sending one of the many possible commands.
For example, you can use the following commands to check the status of your Hotmail mailbox:
To get the full list of commands, check out the help menu.
You can also check out our Facebook page to see some cool stuff and comments from our users:
MailChecker looks extremely detailed and offers an extremely wide range of tools.
Just look at the user guide to see what you can do with it.
You can save time by installing MailChecker now!
What are you waiting for?
Key features:
• Keyboard actions (including Caps Lock, Scroll Lock, Num Lock, Power Button, Volume up and Volume down)
• Mouse actions (including Scroll, Left Click, Right Click, Middle Click and Double Click)
• Access to various mailboxes
• Localization in many languages
• Beautiful graphics
• Separate screen mode (for USB and Dreamcast)
• Support for USB mouse, keyboard and joystick
• Plug-in for video capture, including screenshots
• Screen saver
• Settings menu
• Two sound channels (speech, music)
• Two sound events (speech and music)
• Support for multitouch
• Support for different operating systems: Win 2000/XP/2003/7/Vista/Win7/Win8
• Installation packages for Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows 7/8 (Windows Vista and Windows 7/8 are not compatible with this program)
• Support for VGA, SVGA and XGA graphics cards (can be used only in a VGA and XGA mode)
• Support for USB mouse and keyboard
• Support for left mouse buttons
• Support for right mouse buttons
• Support for real-time multiple simultaneous actions
• Support for 2 analog joysticks (only for Win XP and Win 7/8)
• Support for up to 9×8 screens
• Support for Intel motherboard video chips
• Support for Intel i965 or i915 chips
• Support for all sound cards

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Enter a longer keycode and press the up/down arrow key to cycle through all available options. When you have a code selected, press Return to enter that code and send the macro. Note: pressing the return key twice will return the input focus to the previous field

Retrieve IMT-4 DTG [Obscure Script]
DRAGONHACK(TM) makes the life of any hacker (and its users) simpler. This package includes a dongle for packet sniffing (or a cab file to run on a PC), two scripts, and a source code documentation (currently not working)

majestic traceroute and tracert
Download and install traceroute and tracert from in your Windows NT/2000/XP folder. Download the zipped file. Extract it and install the exe file and the dll’s (if you need it).
1. Once done, right-click on the shortcut and choose run in new window.

Enum all devices in Local Area Network
How to find out all devices in your local area network, and the MAC addresses of each.
I have noticed that on a few occasions some machines in the network are not showing in the list of available systems when I attempt to use nmap. I have tried rebooting the entire network, clearing the RDP connection, even shutting down the Windows system and then starting it again.

Enum all Devices in Local Area Network
How to find out all devices in your local area network, and the MAC addresses of each.
I have noticed that on a few occasions some machines in the network are not showing in the list of available systems when I attempt to use nmap. I have tried rebooting the entire network, clearing the RDP connection, even shutting down the Windows system and then starting it again.

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MailChecker 1.2.201

» The idea behind this application is to provide a mechanism for incoming email messages to be sent to the end users. This application will let users open the e-mail messages in a web browser and take the time to read the e-mail message instead of letting it sit and accumulate.
» MailChecker should provide an easy interface for our end users to be able to check their mail.
» MailChecker should try to work with both Google Apps (Google mail account) and Yahoo! mail account. (more info:
» MailChecker should try to work with Gmail POP3 connection to the server.
» MailChecker should try to work with free Microsoft Outlook account. (more info:
» It should be simple to be able to set up the application to check the mail for usernames we will specify.
» E-mail messages should be opened in the users default browser.
» It should be very easy to be able to customize MailChecker so that when you access the web application you can see the username of the account, the status of the messages and the date of the message.
» MailChecker should be easy to be able to set up to automatically download the attachments when the mail messages are downloaded.
» It should be possible to download the attachments by mail account so that we can show the username and the e-mail message instead of downloading the entire e-mail message.
» MailChecker should be easy to be able to search the messages.
MailChecker Specifications:
» Login: [email protected]
» Password: sambay
» Mail Account: the account that the e-mail messages will be sent to. The account used to authenticate to the mail server.
» Host: smtp.sambay.com
» Port: 465
» User Name: the user name of the mail server. It is the same as the address of the e-mail message. For example:
[email protected]
[email protected]
» To: [[email protected]]
» MailServer Address: smtp.sambay.com
» MailServer Username: smtp
» MailServer Password: sambay
» User

What’s New In MailChecker?

This is a small mail checker.

This tool can check the messages, that are stored in your POP3-account.


In this version we added file explorer with Drag&Drop and context menu features.

Now it is possible to edit the message name and add a specific text to the message name.

You can change the order of messages in your mailbox.

Improved the message list. Now you can use Search Button.

Improved the message list. Now it is possible to use a popup menu to change the size of the popup.

You can check many messages at once.

Now when you check message, you can save it into the list.

Now it is possible to change the background and foreground color of message windows.

In the pop-up menu you can select a list.

Added a search feature, when you type a text in the field you can sort the list.

Now it is possible to filter the list.

Now it is possible to change the border color of message windows.

It is now possible to delete bad messages.

This version has small bug that is fixed now, please wait.

In future releases we will release more features.

This tool is based on mailchecker library for Java written by Jan Horyna

How to use:

– You can download F.Developers Mailchecker from their site:

– Extract the archive and run it.

– If you run the tool from the archive you will see: “*** Downloading…”

– If the tool finished the download you will see: “*** Finished ” and a small messagebox with the process.

If you want to check your messages from POP3-account go to Settings -> Mailbox and add your mail provider.

Change -v / -h / -f / -u options at run-time

If you change -v (verbose) / -h (human) / -f (file) / -u (update) option at run-time you will see the full status of the tool, including all settings.Send this page to someone via email

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System Requirements For MailChecker:

OS: Windows Vista x64, Windows 7 x64, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 x64
Processor: AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 960 Processor, Intel Core(TM) 2 Duo E6600 Processor
Memory: 6GB of RAM
Graphics: GeForce 9600 GT 512MB / AMD HD 6770 512MB
DirectX: Version 9.0
Hard Drive: 17GB free space
Additional Notes:
Install required third-party software before installation


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