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Ever tried to listen to radio online? Today, the Internet is full of streaming content. If you want to listen to a news broadcast, you probably have to choose among various radio stations, or to use the well-known MP3 player, such as Windows Media Player. MoYoM Radio is a fairly straightforward application which enables you to store and listen to your favorite online radio stations.
There are more than 500 stations in our database. Just search a few stations and listen to one. You can then store all your favorite stations in a single playlist file (that can be exported as a ZIP archive) so you can listen to them in one single click.
MoYoM Radio does not have a fancy UI, but it comes with a simple, 2-column list of all your favorite stations: a Name column and a URL column.
You are able to set the application as a portable application that can be moved from one computer to another, if you choose to do so. In that case, you must provide a path to a playlist file.
Please note that MoYoM Radio is a free version. It does not include radio stations that require a subscription, or access to any kind of downloadable content. However, for a minimal monthly fee of 5 EUR, you are able to remove ads that appear on MoYoM Radio’s web page.
Key features:
Store and listen to radio stations.
Over 500 online radio stations, no subscription required.
Create and edit your favorite online radio station.
Saves stations as playlist files (ZIP archives).
Create multiple playlist files from a ZIP archive.
Free version that can be used on up to three computers.
Try a 30-day free trial version and download the full version for a monthly fee of 5 EUR.
MoYoM Radio – System Requirements:
Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP/2003, or Mac OS X 10.4 or later.
Free Download

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MoYoM Radio Activation Free For PC (Updated 2022)

A simple but powerful tool to create and manage playlists of online music radio stations. Play and broadcast your own music and podcasts from any computer.

I’ve had the opportunity to try out a wide range of apps over the past few months, and MoYoM Radio is a very well-designed piece of software.
The app is fairly light on the tech side, and tries to get you on the road to online radio without all of the complexities of working with radio station servers. But it does the job well, and is certainly worth trying out.
We’re all familiar with the term “playlist,” but MoYoM Radio makes it easy to create one, which comes in very handy for adding stations to your own collection.
The interface is simple and clean, and it should be something familiar to anyone who’s used a smart phone. When you launch the app, a welcome screen appears, which offers the option of creating a new playlist. We opted to skip straight to the option of grabbing radio stations, and the application will bring you back to this menu upon exiting.
Aside from a bit of a dated UI, the application also features a refreshingly straightforward and easy to use interface. It’s customizable to some degree, allowing you to change the color scheme, choose an easier to read font, and add or remove items from the main menu.
It’s also possible to create a new playlist or add a URL for a station by selecting the option on the welcome screen. Once you’ve got an online station picked out, MoYoM Radio supports audio streams from both Windows Media Player and Windows Media Center, allowing you to skip the process of downloading the file via another application.
MoYoM Radio’s good looks and polished interface are a nice addition, but there are a couple of things that could be improved.
The audio quality is a bit low at first, but you’ll soon get used to it. However, you might run into some issues with lower quality stations, as the app tends to set its own bit rate, and run an A-B comparison to make sure you’re listening to the same station on both devices.
There are options to support WMA and WMA DRM for playback, but you can only save your stream in AIFF, MP3, or WMA formats.
You can also view a station’s logo and description, which doesn’t appear to

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What’s New In?

Listen to radio stations online with MoYoM Radio. This program allows you to store and play a playlist of radio stations you have visited in the past. You can also import from other sources: CD, MP3 or WMA files.

Listen to various online radio stations from all over the world. Browse radio stations by category, artist, genre or country. Play or queue songs in any of the stations. To play a station right click it and choose “Play”. If you select “Add to playlist”, the radio station will be saved into the list of your regularly played stations. You can rename a station or delete it by right clicking on it and choosing “Remove from playlist”. To export a station, right click on it, choose “Export station”, save it and give it a name in a more detailed format.

There is also the possibility of saving a whole playlist of songs from a given country, genre, artist or album. You can import an existing playlist or just save one as a new playlist file.

MoYoM Radio Features:

Open/save Playlist files, complete with URL, player location and backup.

Listen to regular radio stations and online radio stations.

View stations by type, country, author, genre and other criteria.

Add radio stations.

Stream files from CDs, MP3 or WMA format.

Find radio stations by country.

Select a single or range of stations.

Read the tagged stations information.

Change station name or remove a station from the list of your regularly played stations.

Import a playlists files.

Export a selected radio station.

Organize and Add all your favorite radio stations to one of your lists (based on any of the criteria).

List all the stations your radio in a favourites list.

Search for stations by name.

Stations will be added in one of the lists of your frequently played list or alphabetical list.

Download the list of radio stations as WMA, MP3 or a single file.

The application does not allow you to play audio CDs, it is used for online radios only.

MoYoM Radio is a great software for music lovers that allows you to not only listen to but also add and organize your favorite radio stations online and offline. You can easily browse a stream of 1000 radio stations from all over the world and set them up for your listening pleasure using the

System Requirements For MoYoM Radio:

* Windows 7/8/10: CPU – Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon 64 X2, 2.5GHz or faster; RAM – 4GB; GPU – 512MB or more; HDD – 2GB free space.
* Android: Android 4.2 or later.
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