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The table below reflects the assessments of the concluded experts, based on the results of a survey conducted in 1997 in relation to the USE
1. Sites for testing and monitoring are developed and approved according to the recommendations of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation and then transferred to the Ministry of Education of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation.
2. There is no point in using this link to test your knowledge of the subject.
2 a) mathematical Olympiads and creative competitions are events held according to the forms approved by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation and according to certain programs.
b) mandatory exams – these are exams conducted according to the form approved by the Ministry of Education in the Russian Federation and according to a specific program.
c) the USE certificate is a document certifying the achievement by the graduate of the final certification established by the state standard of general education.
d) an applicant is a person entering a higher educational institution.
e) The Unified State Examination in Mathematics is the Unified State Examination, which is taken annually by a high school graduate for whom mathematics is a core subject.
f) The Primary Mathematics Examination (PE) is an examination that is taken every year by high school graduates.
g) the second (second and subsequent) examination in mathematical analysis is an additional examination conducted according to the format approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation and according to the PE approved by the Ministry of Education.
3. When the term “creative destruction” seems dubious to you, it follows from Table 1 that:
a) publications entitled “The Phenomenology of Aesthetic Destruction in the Works of Dostoevsky” – this article is the result of a discussion on the author’s site.
but. P.R. Movement is a movement that unites writers, artists and philosophers who reject the world order built on the division of labor, which is perceived as exploitation and aggression towards the weak and defenseless.
Most of the participants in the PERR movement are not writers, artists and philosophers, but authors of novels, scientific papers, articles and monographs.
b. Movement is not a fantasy project.
c. The article describes a work of fiction written and published in a distant country (Uganda) in 1997.
d. Roman Senchin’s prose really bears a resemblance to what is happening in Uganda today, and therefore it is very likely that it has the same external features as



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