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It is primarily aimed at creative RPG creators, but also includes two action/adventure games. In 2014, Chrono Trigger was on the list.
On the PlayStation Store, games released on the PlayStaion 3 and Xbox 360 are available as downloadable add-ons (Super Quests). Of this group, as of March 2013, 23 games were available, including four projects subsequently released on the PlayStatyon service: Seven Wonders of the Third Dimension, Shadow of the Dragon, and The Lost Prince. The AAA industry has also embraced new arcade games that were released in 2010. Many games have been created in collaboration with experts from AAA and client gaming sites such as Atari ST and Sony Online Entertainment. In 2012, Sony released Supertracks for PS3 and Xbox360, named after characters from the Super Mario Bros. series, and the Japan-inspired “The Hollow Earth” action platform for the Nintendo DS.
By the middle of 2013, two new game types were added to the list of main games for PlayStion 3: Mafia Online on Playstation 3 and Fortnite on Play Station 3. Mario Kart 8 was released for Playstion 3 a few months earlier. Hitman: Absolution, recently announced for Play Stion 3, became available for download from March 30 to April 2. A game engine based on AAA games was also available for PlayStone 3. Scheduled for September 2013, the announcement of Madden NFL 17, which will bring a number of innovations to the Maddecycle, is scheduled for December 1, 2013.
As of May 23, 2013, the list of main projects for PlayVita looked like this:
On October 27, 2013, plans were announced by Sony to release cross-payment style PlayPad games like Shadow Fight or Star Base as an addition to the Sony PlayStore “2014” marketing package.



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