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Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven Cracked Download

Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven free PC game download
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About Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven

Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven (also known as Zombie Exodus) is a horror-survival video game in development by Steve’s Game Studios and Zero Gravity Games. The game is their first title and it is an interactive Horror-Survival Interactive Story based on a series of non-fiction novels by the same name.

Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven is set in a 10x10km region of a fictional Pacific paradise island and was released in November 2018 on the Epic Games Store. The game offers a story based on the first 8 novels in Jim Dattilo’s Zombie Exodus series.

Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven is a Survival Horror where you have to survive in a post-apocalyptic world full of roaming zombies and pirates, where you must seek refuge and gather supplies to build shelters, weapons, medicine and more, in a deadly world full of dangers and challenges.

Gameplay is mostly a combination of Puzzle and strategy elements. You have to gather the necessary resources to build weapons and shelter, but you also have to survive in a dangerous post-apocalyptic world and manage your limited resources wisely.

You are the protagonist of the story and the decision-making process directly affects the story, and as such, every decision is very important and will affect the story in a big way. You have to make carefully balancing every choice you make, or else, you may end up dead.


Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven is an interactive story based on a series of books by Jim Dattilo, which was first published in 2016, and focuses on a character named Jesus. He is a solitary stranded man, who must survive on an island paradise plagued by creatures of all sorts. The island is home to a group of survivors, living in their very own island compound, established by Jim Dattilo, a writer.

Jesus first crosses paths with Gail and Jimmy who are attempting to get to a boat and leave the island. When Jesus help them out, he quickly makes it clear that he doesn’t intend to help them. It is revealed that Jesus has been aboard



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