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The use of AutoCAD is not limited to design purposes. AutoCAD is also used for drawing (tracing) in both architectural and engineering fields. In architectural, AutoCAD is used to draw elevations of residential and commercial buildings. AutoCAD can be used to measure areas, to draw walls and floors, and to draw handrails and other forms. AutoCAD can also be used for mechanical drafting. AutoCAD offers CAD (computer aided design) capabilities, including 2D and 3D drafting, surface modeling, drafting, and architectural/engineering functionality. With AutoCAD, you can work with 2D and 3D model views, for example to create a perspective drawing that looks like the design it represents. You can also use AutoCAD to create 2D drawings from scratch. AutoCAD has tools for creating 2D and 3D drawings.

With the release of AutoCAD Architecture, architectural drafting functionality was added to AutoCAD. Architectural and engineering CAD programs are commonly bundled with other programs in software packages. CAD programs can be bundled with design and building management software. AutoCAD Architecture is commonly bundled with Bentley MicroStation, Bentley Building Information Modeling (BIM) software, and other applications.

Release History

Version History:

Autodesk also produces MicroStation, a commercial building information modeler for architects and other building professionals. Autodesk offers MicroStation Architect, MicroStation, and MicroStation Enterprise. Autodesk also produces Architect, a powerful vector-based CAD application for architectural and engineering work.

Autodesk also produces AutoCAD LT, a free, lightweight, AutoCAD equivalent for home and office users, and also offers AutoCAD for Windows 10 Pro. AutoCAD LT is available free of charge. Autodesk also offers AutoCAD Classic, a CAD application that requires licensing.

Autodesk also produces AutoCAD Mobile, a mobile app for Apple iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, and offers AutoCAD WPS, a web-based, tablet-optimized version of AutoCAD.

What is AutoCAD?

AutoCAD is a computer-aided design (CAD) and drafting software application. It is used for design and drafting work on a wide variety of engineering and architectural projects.

AutoCAD is a popular, robust and full-featured CAD application. It is used by

AutoCAD X64

Object Views

The Object Views options are accessed by selecting an object in the Object Browser. This view contains views of that object. For example, the view of the roof in the lower right corner is shown in Figure 3.4.

**Figure 3.4** The view of the roof.

We can have as many views as we want. Each view can be rotated, zoomed, and so on. Each view can be assigned a separate set of properties and a different color. This enables us to see the

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# Styling

In this dialog, you will fill the shape with colors and styles.
In the color menu, you can choose a color or use a gradient from
the Gradient palette.
For the Gradient palette, you need to set the color palette to the tab named :ref:`Color Palette`.

In the style menu, you can choose a style or change the style with
the Style Picker.

The Style Picker contains the following items:

– Rectangles
– Circles
– Polygons
– Curves
– Symbols
– Plots
– Boundaries
– Text
– Cap
– Join

The following example shows the style picker.


You can also copy the existing style and paste it into another object.
This is a great way to create a style.

What’s New in the?

Add and edit CAD files on Google Drive or OneDrive. The CAD files can be located anywhere in the world, and AutoCAD can access and edit them using the same methods as the drawing files. (video: 5:28 min.)

Sheet List:

Reorder, delete, or split sheets.

Dynamically add sheets, including sheets you have already drawn on.

Import and export sheets. (video: 2:25 min.)

Permit and receive feedback using the sheet list.


Add controls, text, and dimensions based on a list of predefined controls, text, and dimensions.

Add AutoCAD text using a predefined list of text styles.

Object properties from the selected object, such as the InDesign “type” and the layers for a 3D drawing.

Position objects with the Properties palette or directly in drawing or command line (video: 7:30 min.)

…and more

Radius to Distance:

Add a radius-to-distance constraint when you create lines.

Constraint Edit tool:

Edit constraints such as radius-to-distance or angle.

Create a custom 2D element (text, spline, spline patch, etc.) in the drawing. (video: 4:35 min.)

Extrude and Trim:

Add rounded or straight edges to 3D objects such as arcs and splines.

Create holes in 3D objects using the Arc Hole command.

Add beveled or angled objects to 3D surfaces such as walls and furniture.

Create custom splines by choosing “spline” from the Spline Type tool. (video: 6:45 min.)


Add and edit joints in 2D and 3D drawings.

Edit joints in the Joints Palette.

Adjust bends, angles, and offsets.

Extrude and sketch with added control points to create more natural curves.

The new Bézier Curve tool in the Drafting and Annotation Tab offers smoother curves with more control points for drawing. (video: 9:13 min.)


Create free-form panoramas in 2D and 3D drawings. (video: 8:45 min.)

Add or delete 2D layers to

System Requirements:

* A DVD drive is required to watch the movie.
* An Ethernet connection for multiplayer.
* A broadband connection is recommended.
Important Information
Change Log
*Added the “Piloting an Aerocar” mission.
*Added the “Free Fall” environment.
*Added the “Interception” mission.
*Added the “Sidewalk Capture” mission.
*Added the “Tower of Power” mission.
*Added the

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